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Thank you for visiting the Women Leaders in College Sports job postings service! The fee to post a job on our listings page is just $175. Job postings paid by check will not go live on our website until we receive the payment.  

Posting with Women Leaders in College Sports is easy, effective, and yields many benefits, including:

  1. Lower or equal price point of other job boards to post for 30 days
  2. Recently posted jobs are Tweeted to 6,700+ Twitter followers, posted to 2,200+ LinkedIn group members, and mentioned in Weekly Update emails to nearly 3,000 members; listings are also sent bi-weekly to 200+ Women Leaders In College Sports Job Link subscribers
  3. Access to the best female candidates in the business
  4. Flexible posting options and personal attention to individual posting needs, including bulk posting options
  5. Listings are easy to navigate; featured all on one page with no site searching or account creation required to view or apply

Thank you for your continued support of Women Leaders in College Sports! For questions or help, please contact Elisha Orama at  or call 816-389-8207. We look forward to continuing to serve you as we move forward together to advance women in intercollegiate athletics.