Mentorship Program

Applications for 2018-19 will open July, 2018

Women Leaders in College Sports provides the opportunity for members to connect and grow together in a fully virtual mentorship program. Unlike in years past, attendance to the National Convention is NOT required. Talented up-and-comers will benefit from being paired with a member in the industry with similar experience and/or a similar professional path. Mentors will have the opportunity to flex their leadership muscles and help shape the future of an aspiring woman in college athletics. The program is designed to identify short- and long-term goals, and enable mentees to formulate an effective plan for accomplishing their goals. 

Mentor/mentee matches will be conducted by the Women Leaders in College Sports Mentoring sub-committee including Angie Morenz, Liz Darger, and Resa Lovelace. The program will run for one year (beginning August 15, 2017).  

Desired Program Outcomes

Mentees (talented up-and-comers) will gain:

  • Assistance in defining or refining career goals, strategies, and options
  • Personalized development geared towards specific needs
  • Increased commitment to current institution
  • Tangible preparation for new role or responsibilities
  • Refined capacity to forward-think when dealing with new conversations, responsibilities, jobs, or situations before they occur
  • Initiated responsibility of paying it forward

Mentors (accomplished and passionate veteran administrators) will gain:

  • Professional and personal satisfaction through empowering a less experienced professional to develop, grow and advance her goals
  • Enhanced reputation/demonstrated position as a powerful contributor by visibly coaching mentee to success
  • Increased understanding and connection to the work happening at different levels
  • Exposed fresh perspective and inspired new and different ideas 
  • Honed leadership and coaching skills
  • Ability to give back and serve fellow Women Leaders in College Sports members

*You must be a member of Women Leaders in College Sports to participate in the program.

Please contact Megan Cairns if you have further questions!